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Photo by Tsega Desalegne: community sensitization and stakeholders’ workshop in the Amhara region, March 2021

Most of the discussions and recommendations of the annual review and planning meeting held in October 2020 were concentrated on the importance of community participation to achieve the intended goals of the MOYESH programme. To achieve this aim, the programme conducted a wide range of community sensitization and capacity building activities in three regions (Amhara, Oromia and SNNP) at Regional, Zonal and Woreda levels in March and April 2021.

Sericulture (L) and Apiculture (R) TOT in Jimma and Lasta (photo by Fetiya Ahmed and Adamtew Abere) April 2021

Other key capacity building activities conducted over the past months were gender in value chain training; financial and marketing management training; online data management systems; frame hive and protective making, post harvesting, and Entrepreneurship, Apiculture and Sericulture Skills Development TOTs.  The TOTs were provided for inputs suppliers, and other qualified trainees from rural job creation, livestock development agencies, enterprise and industry development offices, Technical Vocational & Enterprise Development (TVED) and focal persons. The principal purpose of the training was to provide capacity building assistance for the programme partners who will provide inputs and boost their entrepreneurial skill. The training engaged participants in a comprehensive, theoretical, and practical learning process that builds the knowledge and skills required to effectively train and deliver evidence-based entrepreneurial, beekeeping and silkworm farming practices for the newly recruited youth. The evidence-based training was provided with the support of teaching aids, such as extension manuals, short training videos, simulation, and on-site practical training.

In general, over 3800 participants (experts and partners) supported with appropriate capacity building (business skills development, financial and marketing management, beekeeping & silkworm farming technical skills development training.