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Sericulture value addition training in Adami Tulu

The MOYESH Programme has recently conducted sericulture value addition training in Adami Tulu district Jido Kombolcha woreda Edo Gojola village from 1-5 March 2022. The training was attended by 54 women participants representing twenty-seven silkworm farming enterprises. The five-day training put more emphasis on practical work, especially on post cocoon production handling to enhance productivity and quality through proper value addition management. The main purpose of the training was to determine how the silkworm growers could obtain the maximum net value from their silkworm farming system.
The training was mainly provided by the programme sericulture technical expertise team comprising Endale Hailu, Mesfin Gizachew, Nigatu Dejene and experienced women engaged in silkworm farming in Gamo Zone. The profound knowledge-based training looked at the contributions of value additions for cocoon producers and sustainable management sericulture business. Interestingly, Get Alemu and many other youths participating in the training applauded that, the training was very insightful and inspired and helped them to gain skills in the whole value addition process such as cocoon boiling, cleaning, drying, spinning, reeling, and twisted yarn production. They pledged to supply twisted yarn and transfer the knowledge to other colleagues and young people around their village.  
The five-day training concluded with the closing remarks of Dr Shifa Ballo, sericulture manager. He said,” the impressions of trainees are conveying a clear message on how a higher degree of importance providing such training to maximize the benefits of silkworm farming. We continue to look at how the outcomes of the training could be enhanced the production and productivity of the youth enterprises. This was also represented an area where the private sector, like designers, could provide a substantial contribution to the silkworm growers. All the process leads to increasing total value as more gain would be marketed and generate income for the producers.”
The event also created a golden opportunity to attract value chain actors and the media. One fashion designer from Addis Ababa, named “Kelina Handmade” visited the sericulture products in Edo Gojola village and was willing to buy twisted yarn from youth enterprises. The training is covered by the district communication office’s social media.